Ever wondered if you can convert C++ Project to Blueprint only Project?

IMPORTANT NOTE: This method can be used ONLY if you accidentally added a C++ class or to just compile a plugin. If you have classes created in C++ and using them then obviously you cant convert it back to Blueprints.

This question was actually asked on UE4 AnswerHUB and it got me thinking is there way to do it? If you accidentally added a C++ class can you convert the project back to Blueprints? Or if you added a C++ class just to compile a plugin can you convert the project back to Blueprint only project?

More info:

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Thanks. This could be useful to some.


because i have to use a C++ project in order to create a product package with included plugins, i started to use a C++ project.

The Answer question you refer to states, “I accidentally added a C++ class to my blueprint project and now I can’t export to iOS from Windows”.

I was wondering, besides the issue that the user in your cite cannot export to iOS with C++ included?, is there any other reason why you want to remove C++ from your project?

That is exactly my situation! I installed a plugin that required a code project to work, and now I’m not using the plugin and I can’t get my ■■■■■■■ game to build! It’s so irritating. Sadly, I tried your steps already myself while playing around trying to disable the plugin and it didn’t work. For some reason the plugin has “infected” my project, so even though I’m not using it, other actors are somehow referencing it. The plugin in question was a UMG mini-map, and somehow my Animation Blueprint is referencing it? lol
So frustrated!