EventTick and Time Dilation

is EventTick affected by the Global Time Dilation and Per-Actor Time Dilation? as i am currently running a Beta Ghost Trail system for superspeed with Global Time set at 0.0001, with a spawn delay of a literal event tick and a destroy delay of 0.0001, and it is not being spawned fast enough (about 4 or 5 per realtime seconds when in slow mo), how can get it to spawn and thus destroy, faster then an event tick

You can’t ever do anything faster than event tick.

Anything you do during one tick of the game will happen but only the end result will be shown to the player.

You can’t speed up the tick on one object to have it work faster than the game, you can slow it down though.

You’ll probably want to consider using your ghost trail multiple times each tick with a slightly different offset from the player since you can’t really tick faster than the game does.

aww oki T_T

also how come the graphics and physics and stuff can update faster than a tick?

and does this mean that i can only spawn something at x times per second regardless of the Time Dilation and regardless of the project? eg if the tick renders at say 10 instances per second can i only spawn at 10 instances per second and there would be no possible way to make it spawn faster without it spawning more than 1 at a time?

hence anything rendered or updated via event ticks will only be rendered at 10 instances per second even though it is running at 60fps?

and does this also mean that the stuff that is SUPPOSED to be rendered will not actually get rendered 90% of the time within the 1 instance even if the tick event is called say 1000 times between 1 instance and 2 instance?