Events on spawned actors don't fire

I have a problem with actors which are spawned in-game via the HUD. The events on these actors don’t fire. Actors based on the same Blueprint which are placed into the level during design work fine.

I’ve already posted the same question in the AnswerHub but so far no luck. Can anyone here help me out? Here’s the link to the AnswerHub with a more detailed description of the problem.

Where is the event ?? Maybe try adding a do once that resets when the actor is placed Boolean changes.

It would be easier to help if you can post up you’re blueprints

Like I mentioned in the AnswerHub post the events are in the actor blueprint, the RadialDamage event and ActorOnClicked event. Neither fires on objects which have been spawned in-game.

I’ll see if I have time to post the blueprints tomorrow.

Here are my blueprints.

  • Events are in the last attachment.
  • IsBeingPlaced is a boolean variable which I’ve added to the actor blueprint.
  • If the actor has been placed outside the game the events fire.
  • If I have actors which have been placed outside the game AND spawned through the HUD, the events on the “outside” actors work but not on the ones that have been spawned through the HUD.

Can anyone explain this?

  1. Widget blueprint for my HUD. When a specific button is clicked I spawn an actor and the HUD keeps a reference to the spawned actor, set actor variable IsBeingPlaced to true.

  2. The spawned actor blueprint. Tick event to make the actor follow the mouse, checks actor variable IsBeingPlaced.

  3. Level blueprint. When left mouse button is released and the HUD has a reference to a spawned actor “drop” the actor (stop following the mouse) where it currently is, sets actor variable IsBeingPlaced to false.

  4. Same spawned actor blueprint as in #2 but the events. Neither breakpoint (ActorOnClicked or RadialDamage) fires.



Have you found an explanation? I have the same issue, in my case I am using C++