Events are not firing

I’m trying to fire event any damage, which will cause damage to the AI’s health. However, the BeginOverlap that applies damage will not activate. I’ve tried using “G” input to deal damage instead, but even this input isn’t working. Any help will be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

you have to plug the arrow at the top of the event AnyDamage into the SET Health for it to work.

Just like mercuriusfm said. Make sure your execution (white arrows) pins are connected.

Also, I’m not seeing where you’re calling the event “Any Damage” in these two screen caps. Are you sure it’s being called properly?

I did have the nodes connected, I just broke the connections since I wanted to test if a simple input would give any results. I did try “OnComponentHit”, which I enable generate hit. This works barely, it sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t for some reason. However, this is not a result that I want. I want to overlap the box collision at the end of the sword, which will cause damage to the AI’s character health. The BeginOverlap just isn’t firing for some reason. Any help will be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

Right, I just added a “sphere collision” to the guard itself. It activates the BeginOverlap now, which is good. :slight_smile: The error was the collision presets in the default CapsuleComponent.