Events and engine interfaces - C++

Hey guys,

I need to run code when specific events in the engine code get called (namely nDisplay events e.g. StartFrame). I’ve noticed that a public interface exists for these events (IDisplayCluster.h) but I’m having a lot of trouble figuring out how to get it working (or even if I’m using it correctly).

I’ve not had to use engine events before so it’d be great if anyone knew a bit more about why these interfaces exist. My hope is that the public interface is there to allow developers to run code when these events are called (e.g. StartFrame receives a broadcast, my derived event triggers as well). If that’s the case, this is exactly what I need.

However, my current attempt to create a class with this interface is failing thanks to the good old “overloaded member function not found” - the big problem being I can’t tell what I’m not implementing or how it’s supposed to be implemented. I’ve attached both the interface and my attempt (header and cpp). If anyone can tell me what I’m missing that would be great - I can’t seem to find much documentation for this on the web.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. I’m really trying to avoid a custom version of the engine if possible!

CvltClusterActor.h (3.9 KB)
CvltClusterActor.cpp (983 Bytes)
IDisplayCluster.h (3.7 KB)