Events and Blueprints running at different speeds on different machines

Hello everyone,
I have a weird issue that’s driving me crazy!

I am testing my game on different laptops and each machine runs the game at different paces. I think only events including Event Ticks, timelines, Delays, etc get affected but I still don’t know how to fix that.

I am not talking about fast the gameplay is, I’m talking about how fast the events and the blueprints are running. There’s gotta be something I’m missing, not sure how this issue can even exist!
I suspected it has something to do with the frame rate, I tried playing around with it but it doesn’t fix anything.

Any ideas what to do? I tried a lot of solutions but I’m stuck.

Tick runs at different rates depending on machine and load.

If you’ve written any movement code on tick, you need to compensate with delta time to avoid this sort of thing.

Things like delays, timers and timelines will run the same.


Thank you! I ended up rewriting my whole code because this post was still getting approved haha.

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