EventGraph vs Programation / Mysql + C++ (Database) / Launcher / Pay or Free ?

Good afternoon,

I have 4 questions about a couple of things Unreal Engine 4 recently I left CE3, because only focus in big companies

1 - The first is:

Would I like to know which is best to design a “game” the EventGraph or programming ?

For example, in the example of “Third Person”, it is made with programming, and I see no difficulty in doing so.

2 - second

There is some guidance in UDK 4 so that you can link MySQL with C ++, ie CONNECTING database with the application?

Can you link any guide?

3 - Thirdly

How I can make a launcher?

For example, a launcher as “Steam” personalized “Battlenet”? (And you can link it with the app (Update etc.))

Can you link any guide?

4 - fourth

You have to pay license to publish a game? or is totally free?

It is urgent. We are a freelance group

Note: I’m programmer :slight_smile:

Nice solutions … I can wait forever… any solutions Srs…

1: Both, use what you can use better.
2: I dont know of SQL inside ue4, but its c++, so there is nothing stopping you from using a external SQL library
3: Thats not Ue4 related, you would do it in a external way, be it a webpage, or a program, or whatever. You can launch specific maps by using the arguments to the game executable.
4: Thats its more detailed on the main page, its 5% profit after a small amount.