EventDispatcher event nodes no longer showing up in search?

Event Nodes from event dispatchers (from class blueprints) are no longer showing up in my level blueprint (or any other blueprint for that matter).

The nodes are already in the Level Blueprint, compile, and even fire and work. But if i remove them, i can no longer add them back unless i undo.

Also, if i create an EventDispatcher and call it’s event in one blueprint, i cannot handle it in another blueprint. (fails to show up in search)

Is this a bug? or am i missing a step?

Hey Joessu,

Regarding your Event Nodes from Event Dispatchers not showing up, I’m not sure what exactly is occurring there. Maybe if you post some screens or a link to a video so I can see what is happening I can help try to resolve the issue.

As for EventDispatchers not showing up and communicating with other Blueprints, you may want to head over to the wiki and check out the Blueprint Interfaces section as that will help your Blueprints communicate with one another.


Thanks for the reply,
I feel so dumb but i found the blueprint communication example in the content project, i will study the heck out of that! I think this is more of a lack of understanding in a couple of areas:

  1. class blueprint(s) to class blueprint(s) communication: When do I use event dispatchers and when do i use interfaces?
  2. class blueprint to level blueprint communication: Same questions as 1)
    I think i can figure it out looking at the content example.

We’re all learning more and more everyday, just as you are. :slight_smile: As far as the communication goes, here’s another tutorial video specifically about communication between blueprint classes and the level blueprint: Blueprint Communication Video.

Ah yes that covers class blueprint to level blueprint! thanks!