EventDispatcher: Error Could not find a pin for parameter of DelegateSignature


I should have posted it in bugs section but I thought I was doing something wrong. But it seems that if you rename input variable of event dispatcher without recreating ALL of event dispatchers on that blueprint, you will get those compiler errors.

I use 4.7.1 but I vaguely remember this bug from 4.6.1

Hey Napoleon,

You don’t need to recreate nodes to reflect changes in Input names in your Event Dispatchers, you should be able to right-click and Refresh Nodes. Is there another bug in here, or does this seem like unexpected behavior to you?

To me, personally, this is pretty unexpected behavior yes. Whenever I rename something in Details Window, I don’t expect compiler to crash with some ‘unknown error message that tells me nothing about actual error’. Unless I manually refresh nodes every time I rename an event dispatcher.

Because this does not apply to ALL other nodes. Therefor this is not logical to me and it took me quiet some time before I figured out where problem was. I thought I had to create some Event Delegate like in C#… How can you expect new people or people following tutorials to figure out to refresh nodes… And error message is not exactly descriptive nor useful, in fact it’s misleading.

Also Epic tutorial(s) on YouTube that I used to follow do not show this and I assumed (at first) that something changed in engine between tutorial version and my actual version (which was not case). So again I wasted a lot of time for nothing.

Please add an auto-refresh.

Okay, I entered a bug report for nodes not updating (UE-11341). It looks like links in error messages don’t lead to appropriate node, either, so I mentioned that in report. I’ll let you know when I see an update on that.

Another useful tool you might not be aware of yet: in Blueprint Editor, you can go to File > Refresh All Nodes, and that will refresh all nodes in currently open BP. I’ve gotten into habit of doing it regularly when I make any changes to Dispatchers, Functions, and Macros and their nodes, and it has saved me a few headaches, I imagine.

Sorry you lost some time. I know video tutorials can be out of date sometimes, and we’re working on ways to make that more evident. Thanks for your report!