Event when clicking on Sprite

I am currently in the process of removing the attack button from the game and instead changing it so that the player can click on the sprite they wish to attack.

In order to do this I have set up a new collision for the sprite and tried both a clicking event and a OnBeginCursorOver event for both the collision box and the sprite itself, neither seem to be working and I am not sure why.

To summarize, for now, I wish to be able to click on the sprite and for ‘Hello’ to be printed. Have I gone through the correct process to do this? and what do I need to do in order for this to work?


Make sure :

1- Your sprite collision is Blocking Visibility

2- ClickEvents/OverEvents are enabled


Thanks for the response, I have just made both these changes and it is still not working.

Should the blueprint script be put on the Sprites event graph or elsewhere?

One solution that worked for me is to go directly to original sprite in content browser, and there in sprite editor make collision check “BlockAllDynamic” .

When i made this , the sprite was clicable.