Event types, dialogue boxes and rewards

I’m building a game in which the player visits locations. Upon arriving at each location, the player can make one of several choices. Each choice has at least two, pre-determined outcomes that usually increase or subtract variables (health, monty, etc).

What I need to do is place/generate a blueprint actor (a location that is randomly plucked from my selection), but all the attributes of that are as above. EG:

Location 1 (eg, you are attacked):
Dialog Option 1 (fight) - you may lose or gain helth
Dialog Option 2 (negotiate) - you lose a random amount of money or are forced to fight
Dialog Option 3 (run) - you may escpae or be forced to fight / lose health

I know I can build the location events with blueprints, but is there a better, more managbel method method? is this what data tables are for?