Event Tick vs Timers

I was just curious if there was a significant difference in load?

In replacement of Event Tick I plan to use timers that fire every 0.01 seconds.

Designing for mobile devices.

In this case you would have to target more than 60 frames per second. So you would be better off with the Event Tick, since it introduces less load than creating timers, ticking them, getting them the next frame anyway, and dropping them from the array just to create it again.

If you plan to use timers, you should use them to target less than once every frame.

Thanks, that’s a lot of help.

Question, Cannot find an answer for this any where!

Which of the following would be more efficient on say an **escalator **moving? In this Epic training video to create an excalator he uses tick: Making a Simple Converyor Volume | Live Training | Unreal Engine - YouTube
I have watched a few training Videos from Epic that say to never use tick because it is so inefficient. In the comments of one of the videos I asked what you are supposed to use for a line trace if you cannot use tick, but no one responded. I ended up changing my line trace to use Event Timer set to loop at second = .01, would it be better to use an Tick instead of the Event Timer? I changed the Event Timer to .1 but it was too sluggish and had to change it back to .01.

  1. Tick
  2. Event Timer set to loop at second = 1
  3. Event Timer set to loop at second = .1
  4. Event Timer set to loop at second = .01