Event tick, Ray Trace and Multigate for changing material (Arch Viz)


This is initially posted here, where you can see the evolution of the problem:

Long story short:

Trying to create a BP that allows the player to change a SM’s material in Arch Viz that should work like this:

   The game begins.
   The player sees an object that has the ability for changing material.
   A text appears on the screen telling the player that can be done.
   The player can cycle for a number of materials pressing LMB.

The attached images pretty much do the job in a per basis BP for each SM (that is: I created a BP for the SM in question), but the Multigate runs like crazy because it’s been streamed by an Event Tick, wich makes sense, but i don’t know how to fix it.

How could i fix that? i need the ray trace to validate that the SM is the one with the capacity of changing material, but do it only by pressing the LMB.

I’m using the FPS BP that comes for default.



I kind of figured this out, and here is how i did it

But now i have another problem. The scene is only recognizing the last Blueprint added.

If someone has some idea of why and how to solve it just share it!

Found a workaround that work just fine enough, it is in the same link above.

I will be digging into more of this becuase it is my job to create a very optimized interface, so i will probably will actually be updating this thread. It might help somebody.