Event Tick Optimization.

I have a question about Optimization.In my character blueprint i need too many event ticks.Some of them works for camera rotate some of them for the attack some of them for creating outline etc… And im doing this with creating a custom event with input Float And Connect them to the Event Tick.
I almost have 10 Tick Custom Events. And my project that im trying to do multiplayer.
And now i felt these made my game too laggy. So very bad Optimization.On client side it connects too late,I move my character too laggy etc…
So i don’t know how to solve them. Which documentation should i read for multiplayer optimization?
And what should i do for the event ticks.Is there any other way you offer me.So my blueprints are too bad coded.

Here i posted some of my event ticks. I really need help about how to code better optimized good blueprints.

Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

There are lots of event ticks :smiley:

and i solved the problem. There were enemy ai’s in my scene like 10-15 that has ai follow things etc.I deleted them all and lag solved.
So now i will make that ai’s with c++