Event tick not firing in a character blueprint.

Hi - the attached blueprint won’t work (there is no issue with the variable), it will work when linked with a keyboard trigger but not with an event tick.
I have imported a set of free characters from Mixamo and these characters are controlled by a Character Master BP.
I can get the event tick to work if I alter the World Settings ‘Game Mode Override’ to be that as the original Game Mode from which the characters are imported from (but this is no good to me as it is just a blank game world).
Does anyone know how I can alter the game settings so as the event tick will be supported using the Game world I created ?

Did you check if you are actually spawning MixamoCharacter_Master as your Default Pawn when you play the game?


Scratch that, how do the settings in your actor tick section look?

I would also recommend sticking a print function immediately after the tick node, just to check it’s not a node further down the chain which is failing to do anything noticeable.

Hi - thanks for the replies - I got it sorted. For some controls the changes work only in the character master blueprint but for the event tick it only works on the character blue print and not on the character master blueprint.
All good now either way.