"Event tick" making problem for my "main menu" widget

Hay, im use 4.9.2 ue4 for my android project

i have been making run game like this video

I modified a bit in the “Rungame character event grap” like this


THE PROBLEM IS, i use “event tick” to making auto “foward move”… main menu it’s not working and eventtick always firing when im in “main menu” anyone can help me? if you can speak indonesia/malaysia i will glad :smiley:

bump still not answered

bump still not answered

I think due to language issue, its not clear what you’re trying to do and what the problem is.

I think what you have set up there is making you move forward but its making you move forward at all times including during the main menu? Is that the issue? Do you want it to move forward once the player clicks “start game” ? or something on the main menu?

If so,

  1. put another branch in BEFORE the is dead branch.
  2. Create a BOOL called “gamePlaying?” make it FALSE by default Connect it to the branch
  3. Drag the TRUE to the isDead branch and leave the FALSE blank

Then in the MENU where the “start game” button is. Add this to event clicked

get player Pawn → Cast to MyCharacter → Set gamePlaying? to TRUE
You can add a delay in there so the game loads and then the character starts moving forward etc…

If you have a PAUSE button in your game, do the same when paused but set it to FALSE so it stops and then TRUE again when UNPAUSED.

Hopefully that helps. Good luck.