Event tick is not working in "New Level"

The following “Event Tick” is working in default level, when I open new project.
But when I create new “Level” (File>>New Level) then its not working.
Please help me to to solve this problem.

Why are you running off event tick?

Try this

I’m trying endless side scroller runner game. I found “Event Tick” method few days ago and it was/is working fine. But only in default level. When I try “New Level” its not working.

I solved it, but can you explain why “Event Tick” was working only in default level?

My New Blueprint:

No, never tried with event tick. My guess would be, something in second level is missing.

With the second one you posted, that will only turn one direction,

Yes. Because I want to move only in one direction. Just running and jumping for now. :slight_smile:
Anyway problem solved, Now I have to mark your reply as answer. :slight_smile:
Thanks :slight_smile: