Event tick in Construction Script?

I created a BP that has a SkeletalMesh and some cubes inside. In Construction Script, each of these cubes are positioned in the SkeletalMesh bone locations, for example:

Name: Cubo_Head
SetWorldLocation: SkeletalMesh> Head (bone)

I need them to receive only the “World Position” of each bone in each frame during handling and not in the game!

The problem is that if I create a “Set World Location” for each Cube for each Bone in Construction Script, but when I create the animation in the sequencer with this SkeletalMesh, the Cubes’ positions do not update!

I need the location of the Cubes to be updated all the time, so when I am handling SkeletalMesh in the Sequencer, the position of these Cubes is updated every frame!

Does anyone have a solution? Thanks in advance!

Hello! Just attach your cubes to bones with this

Do it only once and that should work.

When I use the “Attach” in the cube mentioned in the example, it inherits the SkeletalMesh Bone rotations … I need it to only inherit Bone’s “WorldPosition” and during handling in the “Sequencer” and not only during the game !

When I use these two options, the Cube even inherits the rotations, which is not what is desired …

Just configure FAttachmentTransformRules for your case (FAttachmentTransformRules | Unreal Engine Documentation)

Hi there! You can try this

Thank you for the response and attention. But I didn’t understand anything about how it works! I tried searching on Google and found no tutorial on how to use …

I am a beginner in UE4. I use BPs and not C ++.

Anyway, I am grateful for your answer! Thanks!

Dude, you really helped me! Thank you so much! That was really cool! Eternal gratitude! XD