Event Tick for multiple buttons

Just found out you can not have multiple Event Ticks. Is there a way to use 1 Event Tick for multiple buttons?

You can wrap a button in a separate widget. But there’s most likely another solution to whatever you’re attempting, there always is. It can be as simple as hooking up a sequence node to the Tick.

What about this idea? I tried out a daisy chain approach, and it worked.

What is the purpose of binding on tick? Once the bind is made there is no need to rebind it.

I was using the Event Tick to run the UI button press. At run time, you press a button and the player mesh gets swapped out on the rig.
It seems to work at run time, I can change it if there is a better option.

No need to bind it 60 times (or more!) a second…, just do it *once *onBegin Play, after creating a widget. You can use *Sequence *node instead of the messy daisy chain - but that’s purely cosmetic. It does become paramount as blueprints have a tendency to balloon over time and become very hard to read.

There’s probably a way to do do what you do via a macro and/or array. Although for this amount of spaghetti it might be fine as is.

Ooo, cool. I will definitely try out your suggestion :). I would love to trim down the processing. This sounds very cool. I’m new to Blueprints, so it will take me time to visualize your suggestion.
I’ll let you know how it goes,
Have a great weekend,