Event Tick doesn't fire when minimised

Hi, in engine 4.7.6 when i compile my game and minimize it, event tick doesn’t fire every time. It skip frames . I put a delay node of 1 sec on event tick and calculate the seconds, the moment i minimise the game seconds stop to count.

It there any way for me to fix this?


are you talking about in the editor? or in a packaged game?

Both, only alternative way is to use Timers as they use real seconds, but i also need event tick

Tick executes on every frame rendered and engine set max fps on 5 when you minimize (you can see that using “show fps” command), it to save preference when you work on desktop. This mean Tick will be executed only 5 times per secound. Tick is not design to work as timer, thats why it delivers DeltaSecounds (you can hear term delta time more frequently) to do corrections, it time between frames, you multiple delta value of a change with delta time and that delta value becomes “per sec” value, if you add up delta time in tick you should have timer :slight_smile: If you want timed event Timers are way more reliable

Yeah, but the question was how to set up the game to be on top priority and execute the same as when it would have focus. Thanks a lot for your answer, it helped a lot (: