Event Tick Delta Seconds is wrong when using a custom tick interval

It seems as if the Delta Seconds for the Event Tick does not factor in the tick interval when calculating itself, which it seems like it should. Steps to see what I am talking about:
Create the same blueprint setup as I have here (Mine is in the level blueprint):


Now if you play the game, you should see that the print string is counting up accurately with time. Now if you go into the Class Defaults and change the tick interval to something like .1 and play, you’ll see that it is no longer counting up with time. What I think should be happening is that the Delta Seconds should be adding .1 every tick with the new tick interval, but it just adds the frame time in seconds.

I’m not sure what the term ‘Delta Seconds’ means, but I think that the event tick should output the time since the last tick in the current blueprint, not the frame time in seconds.

Hello Jamendxman3,

If you have a look at this documentation, specifically the part about Event Tick, you’ll see that Delta Seconds is the time between each frame: Events | Unreal Engine Documentation
Changing the tick interval just changes how often the event fires, which is why inputting a .1 value would return a tenth of your original result. Hope that helps.

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Sean Flint

I’ve submitted a fix for this bug in this pull request:

Those working with TickIntervals may also be interested in this associated pull request – https://github.com/EpicGames/UnrealEngine/pull/2776 – which addresses the issue brought up here: AllEnabledTickFunctions.Remove Crashes 4.12 - Programming & Scripting - Epic Developer Community Forums