Event tick_Custom Event , Once

Hey, im try to make
day/night street lamp cycle

im start from event tick
get the float value from my sun BP ,Time of Day (float) represent time 0000 too 2400

i got custom event called Lights On/Off with exec Toggle Visibility

I would like to run once my event when float is 600
and second run once same event on float 2000

so when float=2000 lights on when float=600 lights off
and loop

why you use a int not float from bp?

So whats the problem. Like do you not know how to choose the 600 or 2000 if thats the case then you can use a switch statement and do

ok but how reset since still time is ticking ?

use the …do once… node

More elegant option IMO))

its not working

only this option working . but this its correct ?

Are you sure your time is changing by 1 every frame?

And by the way your variant is quite good. Use that.

didn’t notice that. anyways, I have given you a general solution, you can definitely use float instead of int. but make sure you give the exact value of a float or else instead of == use nearly equal node

okay thank you

Glad I could help you!

Hm ok)))))