Event Received Draw HUD Size X and Size Y reporting incorrectly on iOS devices

Branch: Binary

Build Version: 4.5.1

Description: Event Received Draw HUD is reporting incorrect values for Size X and Size Y on iOS devices. For example - the iPhone 5 has a resolution of “1136x640”, however Size X and Size Y are reporting “568x320”. It happens on every iOS device I have tested (iPhone 5, iPad Mini Retina, iPod Touch 5th gen). It appears to report half the actual resolution.

It reports correctly when playing on the mobile preview in the editor, however it reports incorrectly when playing on the device.

Repro steps:

  1. Add “Event Received Draw HUD” node to the HUD Blueprint
  2. Print values of Size X and Size Y to the screen on level load
  3. Deploy to an iOS device and observe

Thank you very much!

Howdy RobertB,

Thank you for reporting this issue. I have just attempted to repro this issue and I am currently seeing 1136x640. How is your BP currently set up?

All I did was go into the MyHUD blueprint and set up my BP as shown:

Please let me know if any additional setup is required.


Hi Sean,

Thank you for the reply. That is how I have mine set up as well. My HUD BP is a custom blueprint, that is the only difference I can think of.

Seeing that it is working for you, I must’ve messed something up with settings somewhere locally. Sorry for bothering you, I will continue to investigate on my end. Do you happen to know if there is a setting I could have set that would affect that value?


I have looked through some of the settings and i am still a bit unsure of has to how you could be seeing those numbers. If you package a new project and only have the event receive draw HUD and the print strings in the MyHUD BP, what outcome from the screen resolution are you seeing on the device?

Hi Sean,

I just created a brand new project with the Twin Stick template and I still seem to be seeing the issue. The only thing I did in the project was create a HUD blueprint and add this -

Here are screenshots from an iPad Mini Retina and an iPhone 5 -

I’m not sure what I could be doing or how it could be giving me half of the actual resolution.

Hi Sean I accidentally posted my reply to this as an answer, sorry. Please see the answer for my reply.

I just found something on this! I found this forum post - iOS resolution build setting? - Mobile - Epic Developer Community Forums

When I copy that DefaultDeviceProfiles.ini from Tappy Chicken and place it in my projects config folder the resolutions are reporting correctly. It looks like I just needed to add that ini and that fixed it!

Thanks for the help!

I just wanted to explain this a little bit better in case someone else runs into the same issue. The “Event Received Draw HUD” node was reporting the correct resolution values for Size X and Size Y, it’s just because I didn’t have a DefaultDeviceProfiles.ini to specify the MobileContentScaleFactor the game was actually rendering at half the device resolution.