Event Receive Smart Link Reached never fires

Hello all. I’ve been trying for two days straight to trigger a blueprint script based upon an agent reaching a perfectly working nav proxy (it shows the green arrow between the two points, and the AI correctly heads to the nav proxy to get to the target on an otherwise unconnected nav mesh.

However, I need to switch the character to flying physics upon entering the link, but a trigger will not do as the AI will under other circumstances walk through the area without wanting to activate the flying trigger.

I’ve read every single mention of this event on the internet, the nav links seem extremely poorly documented, the only time in history this problem seems to have been had by any other developer was 2 years ago here: Event Receive Smart Link Reached not working - UE4 AnswerHub , yet the solution in their case was something I’d already done in my attempts to fix it.

Getting really really frustrated and there seems to be no real documentation as to how this stuff works. All I want to do is fire a blueprint with a reference to the actor once they step into the link. Any help or guidance would be much appreciated!

Bump - this seems extremely poorly documented for such a needed function, even the C++ tutorial is three years out of date and broken =/