Event Receive Draw (to) Widget ?

Hello All,

I’m currently working towards a Widget Based HUD in my project and started with the default advanced vehicle template which produces the “Vehicle Speed/Gear” and displays it via the event Receive HUD function to the viewport. I have a fully built HUD and ready to implement a few other features which brings me to my problem below (With existing BP images) and I’d be delighting in hearing any help from you folks.

Problem/Question - Is there anyway I can display these values for the “Speed & Gear” selection and send them to a Widget on my HUD ? as this would allow me to give me much more control over the HUD in general and what I can do with them.

Images for existing Speed/Gear direct from BP

Aney help here would be greatly appreciated with thanks.

Hey guys,

Had another mess with this for the last few hours and still hitting dead ends ? any idea if this is possible or how I could go about it ?