Event Receive Condition Check Tutorial Broken


This tutorial is apparently outdated by about less than a week I’ve been reading. Event Receive Condition Check has been removed. It was vaguely covered in this change session thing. and at this question.

As a noob to UE4 blueprint scripting, I can’t follow that video as it discusses a lot of stuff I’m not familiar with and very little about the node I’m talking about. So in the context of the tutorial, I don’t understand how to recreate that “Event Receive Condition Check” and “Finish Condition Check” nodes.

Does anyone know how with these new changes?

Follow the answer in this link, a change was made in 4.7

AnswerHub link

Yes - I’m aware, as I said, its a recent change. The answers on that page don’t help with this tutorial. At least, to my understanding. You can create an override function but you need to define the override function. Which those pictures and the shoestring of comments about various versions do not do.
Like the response "There is an override function in p8 called PerformConditionCheck implement that function, within the function you’ll need to set the ReturnNode’s bool value to true / false based on the condition. " - is that what I need? Is his screenshot related? I don’t follow. I see “Perform condition check overrides” but no such thing as event receive.

Receive Condition Check and Finish Condition Check have been removed, overriding Perform Condition Check or Perform Condition Check AI is the way to go now. You override a function in BP like so:


Just do it and take it from there, it’s pretty intuitive. And if not please follow up :slight_smile:



Sorry it isn’t very intuitive to me :frowning:

Yes I acknowledge you can override it as I pointed out with that link, but I have no idea what I’m overriding and how to get it to perform like it does in the tutorial since the tutorial doesn’t explain what exactly that node is doing. So what to do with its override I don’t know and is why I asked. It also doesn’t have the Finish Condition Check nodes?

You override the function, use function’s entry just as ReceiveConditionCheck event and instead of linking result to FinishConditionCheck you link it to function’s output. You might need to introduce a local variable to temp-store the result since where you were able to have multiple FinishConditionCheck calls you can only have one function exit node.

Hope it helps and sorry for a delayed response!

The Behaviour Tree tutorial realy should be updated. This way you will get the same question every day… I’m surprised it hasn’t been updated to this day.