Event overlap issue

Hello everyone.

I have a weird thing going on here, basically I have a blueprint which just has a static mesh, a box component and a text render component in it.
What I am trying to do is enable the visibility of the text component when the pawn is overlapping with the box component (the box component is basically a large box surrounding the static mesh) and disable the visibility when the pawn stops overlapping it.

Now the problem is that when the pawn stands on the static mesh it seems that the box is calling the end overlap event while the pawn is clearly still inside it (to be more precise it’s calling both the end and begin overlap)… which is really strange since it can either make the text flicker on & off when I’m moving on the mesh or just turn it off.

Is there something I’m missing?

I’m bumping this… still haven’t figured out a proper workaround for this. If I can’t even get a simple overlap behave as expected then I’m kinda screwed ><.
Is this a known bug perhaps? should I report it? or I’m just missing something.

Here… I uploaded a video to demonstrate the problem in case I wasn’t clear enough.

Btw I forgot to mention that the static mesh needs to have physics simulation enabled, it works fine otherwise.

We are looking into what I think is the same problem right now and are hoping to have a fix soon, sorry for the trouble.

This issue has been fixed and should be in the upcoming release. Thanks for letting us know!

Thanks! I appreciate that :slight_smile: you guys are great.