Event overlap between two components?


I’m trying to make two components inside a BP (a door (StaticMesh) and a Box Collision) start an event when they overlap.


problem is that it simply doesn’t work. I’ve tried many things, like using something else like a basic shape instead of a Box Collision, using OnComponentHit, EventActorBeginOverlap, trying to get to pull the == node from ‘Other Actor’… door is not root component, so collision box is not rotating along with door.

The ‘Add Force’ works if I just plug Event Tick into it, so problem is not there.

I’m clearly doing something wrong, right? But I can’t figure out what, so any help is appreciated!

Oh yeah, and ‘Generate Overlap Events’ is checked in both components.

Hi Tryedz,

first thing to check is whether you’re setting your Box variable correctly. My guess is that when you run this, it never gets past Branch node, is that correct? Can you post an image of how you’re setting Box variable? Thanks!

Okay, so it magically fixed itself. All I did was set ‘Simulate Physics’ on Box. After that it started falling through floor and it would trigger EndOverlap event indefinitely. After I realized that I turned off Simulate Physics on Box and boom, this time it worked regardless.