Event onclick

Hi i have problem with RTS game, i create building and i fractured this to be destructible to small pieces. I wanted to when i click on this building it destroy but i dont know how to do this.

To let the engine know how it should break your mesh, you need to provide an impulse direction vector and a hit location. You can do that with the ApplyDamage node:

You should probably create a Blueprint for your destructible mesh and override the ‘OnClick’ event, and then use world location of the actor to construct the vectors that can be used as a hit location and impulse direction in the ApplyDamage node.

This is just a high level overview of this approach, to get a more detailed answer you should let us know where did you get stuck.

ok so i create this actor of destructable mesh and i put it on the map but even this dont work (it not work with eventActoronclicked and with my interfaces RTSmouseleftclick)).

Ok it work with print string (Hello). But i dont know how to use apply damage because its not working (I dont know how to apply damage when i click on building whenever it is).