Event: "On Mouse Button Up" dont recognize any actions [UE4.22]

Hello UE Community!
I downloaded today the UE 4.22, i never tested it in the UE 4.21.2 so i can not say if its a bug or not.

I created a BORDER in my UMG Editor and created the event “On Mouse Button Down” and “On Mouse Button Up”. (

My Problem is now and i cant tell you more because this problem makes no sense -> The Event “On Mouse Button Down”, so when i click on this field and hold my mouse button “down” is recognized by the engine and when i add a Print it displays me “Pressed” so its working.
BUT, the Event “On Mouse Button Up”, so when i leave the “border” with my cursor and stop holding my mouse button, the event dont recognize this.
I added a “Print” to the beginning of “On mouse button up” but it dont tells me anything, the engine just dont know that my dont pressing the button anymore?

Can anyone help me… ?
I spend a lot of time in this project … :confused:

My “On mouse button up” Event:

Yea i know there is a “WARNING!” in the last screenshot but this is not the problem because the “On Mouse Button Down” Event has the same things in it only the “dont shoot” event is changed to “shoot”-event and there its working…


I forgot to add to both (Up and Down)-Events “handled” …
This is the solution:…64/unknown.png

Thanks to Zeblote#0001 on discord!