Event on hit for character mesh

Hello, everyone. I have been noticing that event on hit for a character mesh is only working under a certain condition where I have to directly hit character’s chest. Does anybody know how to change this so I can fire the event even if I hit the character’s mesh somewhere other than character’s chest?

I figured out that if I simulate character’s physics and destroy capsule component I can trigger the event without the certain condition.

Alright seems like the capsule component was the one that interrupted the hit event. If I hit character’s mesh that is outside of its capsule component, it fires off the hit event perfectly.

Yes, thank you very much. I have noticed that just now and learned a new valuable lesson. I set the collision of capsule component as no collision and it works perfectly!

Probably the capsule component is set to block whatever you’re using to collide with the character, if the object hit’s the capsule component first (and they block each other) then the object won’t hit the character mesh, you can set the capsule component to “ignore” or “overlap” whatever object you want to collide with the skeletal mesh.