Event on: Actor is in view

Hey Guys,

i have a Character witch i want to play a sound if is seen by the player, i find the Was Recently Rendered Method: https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/BlueprintAPI/Rendering/WasRecentlyRendered/

It works fine, but it also fire the event when the Charactor is behind a wall.
A workaround is to check the distance and only fire the sound if the player is near by, but there is still the problem with the wall, trees or something between…

Thankfull for every hint i get :slight_smile:

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Ok, i find the problem. It’s the Shadow-Cast…
How i find it:
Use Function Keys F2 to play it UNLIT. Then see that WasRecentlyRendered go true when the Character is realy in my View, and false when he is behind the wall. So i find out it must be on the shadows. I disable “cast shadows” and it works how it have to work :slight_smile: Just want to let the others know.