Event not firing

Hey. I’ve been following the inventory official tutorial, but can’t seem to get it to work.
What I have:
The interface:

The interface function implementation on Interactable_Template_Pickup:

The message to that function in another BP

Judging by what I’ve read and watched, it’s set up correctly, during the play I can see the ‘flow’ going through all aof the Use Button Was CLicked sequence, but it’s not even entering the Use Action sequence.

Can someone help me?

first of all make sure that both of your blueprints have the interface, you can set them under class settings.

Then you should put a PrintString after the OnClick event and one after the EventUseAction, just to make sure if it really is not beeing fired.

A possible cause could be, that you have invalid reference in your inventory struct array. Make an IsValid check before calling the UseAction event.