Event Mouse Wheel Up/Down not working in player character bp

If i put event mouse wheel up/down in player character blueprint it doesn’t fire execution (print string not working), but if I put it on some actor blueprint and set its’ receive input to player 0 it works. Making input mapings in project settings doesn’t change anything. I could make event mouse wheel axis(it works) and switch on mouse wheel axis(-1/0/1 float), but I would prefer not to. I dont know if it is a bug or I have to check some option. Btw I’m using earliest 4.20 version (not downloaded latest mini updates).

It works fine on my end. Something else is consuming it. Something that has higher priority. Where else do you use the same MouseWheel Up/Down? If you want to trigger the same input in multiple blueprints, disable their Consume flag.

Nothing else uses it. It works on other actors. It doesnt work in player character even with input priority 99999.

The input priority won’t matter here, unless you have more than 1 character.

It worka on other actors.
Perhaps they’re eating it as we speak? Or was it just a test?

Could you show a screenshot of this not working? This should work just out of the box, as is. As in, create a new template project and use it.

It works in a blank project, so probably you are right and someone is eating it (although I totaly dont remember using mouse wheel anywhere). I will Search for it.