Event inside BTT task doesn't get called after running some code

im trying to call an event from BTT task to fade in or fade out a music, so everything is working fine before that ai kills me, but then if I get cough and I reset the player’s position the fade out and fade in function no longer work, like I put a print string in there and the event never even gets called??? what is the problem here?

Annotation 2021-08-28 083108

is the audio referenced inside your actor? because if you destroy the actor you will lose control.
also you put the kill <destroy?> before the volume fade event. have you tried first do the fade and then kill?

The audio ia created and stored inside character blueprint. The character never gets destroyed, I just set it’s position to 0,0,0 so that it’s out of sight and then after some time i set the position back where it should be. Everything here works fine in btt, like the player is able to kill me again but this specific event doesn’t get called. This is so confusing for me.

guys could someone help me? i don’t understand why this wouldn’t work. is it bcz set target with blend is maybe screwing up the code or something? I’m not abeginner but I don’t have a clue what could be the problem here?

is the Ai stop to chasing after kill you?
after apply damage maybe no go back to ChaseAudio or the RecentySeen