Event Horizon Gravity Drive

The Gravity Drive from the 1997 film Event Horizon created in Unreal 4.

Completed in 1 semester as part of my University course.

The brief was to create a game scene based on a movie. What better film to do than the amazing Event Horizon. I hope I did Paul WS Anderson and Jeremy Bolt proud.

Youtube video @

Website @

Gravity Drive 1.jpg
Gravity Drive 5.jpg
Gravity Drive 3.jpg

Nice, one of my favorite movies! The scene looks great, pretty much just like I remember it.

Haven’t seen the movie, but this looks pretty cool. Nice work. =)

+1 Nice work.

As a concept, the first half of Event Horizon is truly terrifying… Journeying into another dimension that turns out to be wholly chaotic, then bringing home a piece of the chaos. However, the second half has few surprises, its mostly routine Hollywood which is a pity as Sam Neil is class!

Really awesome, I love this movie!

Download + VR support, pleeeeaaasseeeee!

The film and concept are awsome, Id never seen the film up until last year then a friend showed me it and i watched it like 4 times again in the same week.

I created a breakdown process for the project which I will post later on today, as for a download are you referring to the video or the actual playable .exe? I can post both, thanks all for your kind words

A playable exe please :slight_smile:
It’d be awesome if you could leave the dev console on to adjust the quality settings (or another way to set scalability).

I’d really love to see this expereince in the Rift, there should be no big adjustments needed!

Again, the video really looks amazing!
If the experience is also this great, I’d suggest to send the demo to

I think there are many fans out there!

Awesome, really faithful to the original! I’d love to try a playable exe too, especially if it works in VR (I have an Oculus Rift DK2).

I was inspired in part by the “heart” of the gravity drive to create some massive spinning gimbal things in my project singmetosleep, though I have to admit I have much less skill in art than you show here. Seeing those things in VR is just entrancing :wink:

Looking forward to seeing what you do next!

Nice project! Since Unreal Tournament I wished to create a level of the Event Horizon.

Where we’re going, we won’t need eyes to see…

Hi guys just a little update, im getting the level set up for VR support now, been a little busy with other projects but I have time now, in the meantime I’ve just finished my final character project which is a remake of Stubbs the Zombie, check it out @