event hit

i have problem with event hit.

if i understand it correctly it should trigger when 2 actors with “Simulation Generates Hit Events” ticked hits each other.

so i have a room with ball rolling around. ball and walls have this option ticked, floor doesn’t.
so as i understand it event should trigger only when ball touches wall but it’s triggering even when ball is touching the floor only and i have no idea why?

any suggestions?

That would be expected behavior. If the Ball has its collision set to block the channel that the floor’s collision is set to (probably world static), then it should generate a hit event even if the floor does not generate hit events. You can change that by changing the collision channel settings. Let me know if this helps.

I tried to set it up somehow but all i had was the ball falling down through the floor ;s

btw. what is this option for anyway if this event trigger even if it’s not ticked?

If you were to do a “Simulate” instead of “Play in Editor” the hit events would not trigger unless “Simulation Generates Hit Events” was enabled. If you are just running the game normally, it really does not matter.

It sounds like you want the ball to land on the floor, but not register that as a hit, is that correct? If so, that won’t technically work; the event “On Hit” sees all blocked collision as a hit. What you can do to get around that would be to set up a Branch immediately after the hit event to check if something besides the floor was hit. Here’s an example of that:

Let me know if that helps

i guess that will worl.
meanwhile i figured it out and did that by using tags and it works as i want it :wink:

thanks anyway :slight_smile:

Awesome! It’s always cool to see all the different ways to solve a problem using Blueprints :slight_smile: