Event Hit with Scene Component as root doesn't fire

If my Pawn class has a root scene component (or box component, the only 2 components I have tested) it stops receiving hit events. All I did was make a new empty class blueprint called Enemy and then re-parented my Scout pawn from Pawn to Enemy. The Scout now has a new Scene Component (as root, which cannot be changed), and it stops receiving hit events.

I also noticed it doesn’t matter if pawnA has a scene component and pawnB doesn’t. If they collide, no hit events will be called, even if they both define a Hit Event in their event graphs. Neither pawn can have a root scene component for the hit event to be called. If neither pawn has a root scene component, Hit Events get called as expected.

I also tested this with a box component as root and hit events stop being called as well.

Although I never solved this within blueprints, I did solve it by just creating my class hierarchy in C++ and just reparenting my blueprints to my C++ classes. No scene components are brought in by doing it this way.

You might try just rotating the model of the weapon and reimporting so that it looks correct.

I have a similar issue but this time is with the “Attach to component”.
My character can pick weapons up, and they become attached to him. However they were rotate 90 on Z. So to fix this, i added a root scene component to be able to rotate the rest, but now it doesnt attach anymore but interactions still work.
I was working fine in 4.5, but it seems a lot of things have been broken in 4.6 :frowning:

Yeah unfortunatly the only way to go currently :frowning: