Event Hit for attached components

I want my controller to rumble when an object touches another one.
This is the very simple blueprint I’ve used to achieve this: it works as intended, however it doesn’t work for all attached components.
This is the hierarchy for the blueprint components: as you can see I have a main mesh and a secondary one, attached to it. The second one is the one for which EventHit doesn’t fire when it touches another mesh in the scene.
What can I do to achieve this? Is EventHit usable or should I change to another event?

Hey, I tried similar setup on my side, and it works. Have you tried to print out the result? Maybe it has something to do with the function itself? Also u can try OnComponentHit instead of EventHit (right click on static mesh component → Add Event).

I actually managed to solve this, I needed to allow collisions for the other mesh too (under Details > Collision > check the “Simulation Generates Hit Events”)