Event Hit doesn't work with WheeledVehicle!

I’m encountering a very strange problem. And it looks like a bug for me!
To reproduce just follow these steps:

  1. Create a default Vehicle(not advanced) project no matter which one Blueprint or C++
  2. Make sure you have SimulationGeneratesHitEvents checked under collision section of the car mesh (RootComponent) in Blueprint.
  3. Go to the EventGraph and add an EventHit node, connect the PrintString node to it for debugging purpose.
  4. Start the game and collide with the right side of the ramp on your left. Nothing is printed on the screen! => EventHit doesn’t fire.
  5. Stop the game
  6. Now add a Sphere component to you car and move it slightly in front of your car and slightly above the ground.
  7. Uncheck SimulatePhysics and EnableGravity under the Physics tab + check the SimulationGeneratesHitEvents under Collision tab of this Sphere.
  8. Start the game and try to collide with the same ramp…and see that now the PrintString node works => EventHit fires.

It looks like a really strange behaviour for me, cause if you look at the BuggyVehicle blueprint of the VehicleGame(Learn section), you will find out that it has the same hierarchy of the blueprint components (colliding mesh as a root component) and the EventHit is firing just fine.

Can someone please shed the light on this?

Further researching shows that EventHit is not working for SkeletalMesh.

So now it’s better to ask - how does the the buggy from the VehicleGame works(registers EventHits). Any ideas?

Go to your vehicle’s physics asset and mark on desired bodies Simulation Generates Hit Events flag.