Event Groph don't work on servers

Hi i have maked a scope that can chanced the cross hairs it works fine on the dev kit and on single player only on servers don’t work it.
I hope anyone can help me here. This is my graph, please told me what must chance that it works on servers.


I don’t know why this is not working on servers and need help here.


The crosshair I would assume is client side. You’re trying to change it with a server event.
If simply setting the variable to replicated does not make it work you’ll need to create a separate client event for the crosshair change code.

The Variable is set on replicated. I don’t know what you mean with a server event can you tell me more what you mean with the server event?

Can here help a Force Net Update function?

What I mean is your “Toggle_ROS” is a “Run on Server” event. For the crosshair, it most likely needs to be a “Run on Client” event