Event for When an Object Switches LODs? 4.26


I want to make some of the door components in my blueprint disappear when the main building mesh switches to the 3rd LOD. The 3rd LOD is just a basic box of the main meshes 1st LOD and I want to hide the doors at exactly the right time to prevent the doors from disappearing too early and leaving holes in their place.

Is there an event or cheap way to monitor which LOD a mesh is currently switched to?

Thanks :wink:

As far as I understand it, “switching” is not an event, but a runtime decision that the renderer is taking. It is technically possible that two different mesh LODs are used for the same thing in the same frame (in case you have multiple cameras that are set up differently, for example.)

If you want to not render the door mesh at a certain distance, make its switching distance be the same as that of the main mesh.

If you want to literally disable the component, then you have to code that specially.