Event for Aggression in Dino's

I have been looking for 2 days now but cant find it.

I am looking for a Event that is fired whenever a dinosaur becomes aggressive.
Does such thing even exist?

I have looked at target, aggro, attack but nothing has what i want.
Its a simple thing really, i was actually thinking of maybe getting the event that’s fired when the detection animation plays, but that is a bit sloppy.

In the end i need an event for:

  • Entering Aggressive(/combat) State
  • Leaving Aggressive(/combat) State

Optionally (but that would make it perfect):

  • In Aggressive but without a Target

The dino i am using is a Mega Rex based Character Blueprint

Thanks in advance,

Common, does really no one know the answer to this?

If anyone is interested:

The current tactic i am working on is using the event tree to use a custom added BT blueprint (Behavior Tree Blueprint) and let it fire a event that is cast to the Dino Character Controller. So to say it simple:
1- The Behavior Tree calls for aggression
2- The self made Dino Aggression Controller is called
3- On Event finish it casts to the Dino Character Controller that i copied from the core blueprints folder
4- The custom event in the Dino Character Controller is called
5- The End

I yet have to make this work like i want to but it is getting there.