Event Dispatchers

please help, “Bind event to Diswalk” and “call event to diswalk” from first person blueprint and im trying to call using widget button but its not working. please help



I’ve always had issues with Event Dispatchers. From what I remember, that looks about right so you might have an issue of the bind never being called. Not sure how it works to call it off of a Create Widget node. Maybe promote that to a variable and then put that into the Target of the Bind? Don’t think it should matter, but worth a try.

Beyond that, check out Zak’s really well done Blueprint Communication and You documentation here:

Download that Powerpoint and look at the Event Dispatcher stuff and see if that helps any.

Good luck!

Personally, instead of event dispatchers, I’ve always found casted events to work better (as in, you cast to target, and as target, you exec that event).

I’ve been using event dispatcher and that seems alright to me.

Hi Vakare can you give me an example in blueprint i’m totally lost here. i dont know why event dispatchers is not working…thanks

Pawn blueprint: 8212c8b704278ff066a7e58ec0c9ad8b395bc703.png

Controller blueprint: b1a5cdb887af8216d1c8c5d7cc4e8cedfc7ec7f7.png

In this scenario, the Controller causes an actor to be spawned, and possesses it. Then by calling the “Get Controlled” node, you can get the ID of the specific pawn, which you can then use to make a “Cast To Actor” (in this case, my actor class was called PPawn), which you can use to execute an event on the controlled pawn.

And assuming that everything else was set up correctly, this is the result when you press the spacebar:

Did that help?