Event Dispatchers to fire weapon

I would appreciate if someone could look at this and maybe tell me what i am setting up wrong.
I have a BP that is a weapon pick up. When overlay it’s destroyed and Spawns the actual weapon BP. It works perfectly (the keyboard press makes it fire the bullet BP, particles damage everything works.
Character is supposed to fire if Joystick is fully extended in any direction, My print string shows the commands all work up until the cast to function at very least. (weapon spawning sets the weapon selected variable correctly and everything then.)

But when i run the game and exit it reports an error that the it “accessed none”

In my BP to call the dispacter I used even tick. It didnt work with on begin play, and i was worried that as the weapon wasnt spawned it made one check and then didnt find any listeners and gave up.

Followed the info here: Event Dispatchers explained - Finally ! - Unreal Engine Forums

Which if i understand correctly means that my character is always trying to send off the event trigger to anything that will listen when it’s set off, and as long as the weapon has been spawned will always listen for that event to be triggered. I dont know why the EVENT itself isnt working. I would appreciate any feedback/help.