Event Dispatchers in a Parent/Child actor scenario

The image attached shows the blueprint associated with a master lamp object. We have a solution requirement where a number of these lamps (children) are placed in a scene and driven from a simulation model running on a different PC using a UDP communication interface.

We have a couple of questions:

  1. How do we make the Lamp State variable in each child unique? Is there an automatic mechanism for linking this name to the child object name, i.e. Lamp1_Lamp_State, Lamp2 Lamp_State or do we have to manually change every instance?
  2. Similarly, within our environment there are potentially several hundred lamps which we may only want to update on change. The change determination would preferably be within the communication interface, is there a mechanism for linking the Event Dispatcher to the object name rather than a single dispatcher for all lamps derived from the same master?