event dispatcher problem with dynamic buttons

hi i tried to send text from dynamic created buttons to my actor with an event dispatcher.
my goal is to activate (in my actorBP) different behaviors via buttons of a static mesh.

i have one actor and two widgets (one widget is my dynamic button) the other is the scroll box with a text array which holds the buttons

when i bind the event dispatcher to the widget with the scrollbox (see image below) - everything works fine - the dispatcher fires up the text print

but when i bind the dispatcher in my actor blueprint nothing happens - what am i doing wrong? maybe some advise?

best regards

okay i understand - the problem begins with my 3D Widget in the Actor - The “text Var” from the widget is passing to the actor by the event dispatcher (and BP interface i tried both), but the 3D WIDGET isnt able to fire up the event !! - when i create a new actor without a 3D widget and i add the widget only to the actors viewport - the buttons fire the text var perfectly