Event dispatcher not working

I created an event dispatcher and called it in a BP. After I selected an instance of the BP in the level and go into the level BP, right click and in the UI where add event for… use to have a default tab for the event dispatcher but it is not there anymore.

This is a bug in 4.6 with the context menu. I am unsure if it’s known as the current “known issues” list is very vague. It might be the known issue: "Cannot call Event Node for Event Dispatcher?!?!

To get working in 4.6. revert to the legacy version of the context menu. Hopefully this will be fixed in a hotfix soon.
Edit → Editor Preferences → Blueprint Editor → User Experience → Use Legacy

Hi everyone,

This is a known issue and has been logged as bug report UE-6106. Please try the workaround suggested by Cubes.

Is there any progress on this? I’m facing this issue in 4.7, but Cubes’ fix doesn’t seem to help me.

Hi The Casual Doctor, Are you using 4.7.0 or 4.7.1? The bug report was marked as fixed in 4.6.1. Can you list what steps you are taking that reproduce this error?

I tried on 4.7.0 last night and 4.7.1 this morning, it worked in neither. I was trying to replicate something like in this Tutorial:

I'm not at my home PC at the moment, but here's what I'm doing: 1. In one blueprint (BP_A), create an Event Dispatcher (SunriseEvent) 2. Hook up SunriseEvent's call node to a delay node from Begin Play in BP_A's event graph. (BeginPlay -> Delay(10s) -> Call(SunriseEvent)) 3. Create another blueprint (BP_B) 4. Select BP_A in the world view 5. In BP_B's event graph, I right click and try to add an event for SunriseEvent in this blueprint. The node is not present, whether the possible nodes are filtered or not.I've also tried to drag SunriseEvent from BP_A to the event graph in BP_B, but I can only get it to make a custom event that isn't tied to SunriseEvent (suggested name is "SunriseEvent_event" or somesuch)

I’m not sure if these steps would even work, but my main issue is that I can’t create an event for SunriseEvent at all.

try using a cast to node instead of event dispatchers. What you will want to do is create a custom event in bp_a that runs some functionality. In bp_b create your catalyst event (input, tick, etc.) and have it cast to bp_a, then drag off of the output “As bp_a” and call your function. If necessary, you can use a “get all actors of class” with the class as bp_a instead of using a cast node, but this is use-case specific.

Thanks, I’ve abandoned trying to get Event Dispatchers to work, and have gone with the get all actors of class technique. Thanks for the advice.

well I have problems with event dispatchers too. sometimes it works, sometimes not. i dont get it.

How are you trying to set them up? What repro steps can I take to recreate this on my end?

I have a trigger blueprint with overlap event in the world… now if a player walks into it, I call dispatched event “PlayerNearBy” and I compile and save it. Now I go to the level blueprint. Right click and I can’t find the event in there.

Did you try the suggestions from our documentation pages? We have several on how to set up and utilize event dispatchers:


Well that’s exactly what I was doing but I don’t want to create the Event node in the same blueprint. I tried to create the event node in the Level Blueprint. But that’s the problem. I can’t.

What are the specific steps you are taking and what is your end goal? Perhaps I can help determine what is occurring and how to set it up.

Ok so add a new Blueprint Class named TriggerBlueprint (or TriggerBoxBlueprint idk)…

Ok so… to the trigger blueprint… make an event dispatcher and call it “MyEvent” for example. now make a call node which is joined with an BeginPlay event(just for example). Compile, save.

Go to Level Blueprint and: rightclick, look for MyEvent. Now you should see the event in there… but I don’t…

Feel free to ask if you didn’t understand something…

Do you have a copy of your blueprint in your level? If so it should populate. I was able to get it to show up by pressing RMB and then typing in “event” and the name of my dispatcher into the context menu. Does this not work for you?

No it doesn’t work for me. I’ll send you the copy once I get outta school.

Hi TominoCZ,

Have you been able to get a copy of the project you can upload here? I’ll be happy to take a look and see what may be occurring.

I’m sorry I wasn’t responding… I was just busy…
That is the menu widget

Hi TominoCZ,

Unfortunately our firewall protections only allows me access to a few filesharing services, I am unable to access the data on this one. Can you upload the asset to dropbox or google drive?