Event Dispatcher is not Triggered in Widget

I create a widget and add it to the view port, from my level with “Event Begin Play”(edited)

The Event is created and called from my Character BP

And in my widget I use the Bind, which is not firing

Does R3 print?

R3 Prints only the first time, when the widget is created, not when the Event dispatcher is called.
I also tried in my Character BP (where I do the “Call Watch Ad Ui”), to use cast.
I get all widgets of class “WatchAdUi” , cast to my widget, and set visibility, but the cast failed…

Seeing that the Print String has the World Context Object pin - is this is an editor utility widget? One way or another, the 1st thing I’d try is to replace Construct with On Initialised:

Initially I was thinking that it might be the order of execution. Could you clarify whether this is supposed to be used as EUW or as a regular widget. That part baffles me a bit.

Now, it’s a widget that it should be visible in the game, and ask you if you want to watch an Ad if you want to continue from the same place and not starting from the beginning

So if we look in the upper right corner, the parent class is User Widget rather than:


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OMG… you are right, even the color in the content browser it is different.

I will change this to user widget and I will let you know what I did :D.
Thank you @Everynone

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Yep, that was the problem… ,thank you again! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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