event dispatcher failure

Hi friends,
I’m working on a BluePrint project (my editor version is UE 4.6), when it comes to using “event dispatchers”
I can not continue in my level blueprint.
let’s say I have a dispatcher in a BP class called “PhysicBox” and an event dispatcher in it called “YouHitMe”,
I cannot call “YouHitMe” event through my level blueprint :frowning:
I’m watching one of UE4 tutorials in here, he simply does that while I can not call YouHitMe, the only reason comes to mind is the differences between UE versions.

here I attached 2 image of my “PhysicBox” blueprint and my “LevelBlueprint”, proofing that there is no “YouHitMe” event in the second picture to add :frowning:

please help me with this .

moreover I should mention that
in second picture, having typed “YouHitMe” in the search box I could see only (Assign/unbind/call to YouHitMe) and respect to the tutorial I don’t think these are gonna help me.

just uncheck context sensitive

Yes dude, I have done that too (just didn’t mention it!)
still can’t find it.

it’s interesting in that tutorial (which is one of 12 tutorial) some nodes that he uses are different than mine

make sure you select your bp , before adding the event in level bp

In the right picture you can see the selected BP box :slight_smile:

i just tested it out

what is your UE version ??
how is it possible :smiley: ?

what is the matter you think ?

i tested it in 4.6 and 4.7 all working
in 4.6 sometime you have to check or uncheck “Context sensitive” to find what you are looking for

I do not have any idea about that!
could you please upload this level ?

Interesting that “YouHitMe” is not listed under “EventDispatcher” category list in level blueprint :((

I uploaded what I’m doing here.
please notify me whith problem :frowning:

Hey guys I just come up with the answer!
you can check this on my channel in youtube link !
Feel free to comment, any idea is appreciated!